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Aims of the Society

The main aim of the society is to provide ongoing support for practitioners through the provision of continuing education and seminars, marketing, procedural coding and fees, legislative discussions with various statutory and regulatory bodies, peer review and support with clinical decision making.

Members of the public are welcome to contact the national office or the regional chairperson if in need of assistance by one of our members,  or if you would like the Society to review the professional practice of one of our members.

Mission Statement

To promote the character and image of the private nurse practitioner professionally and publicly as a caring proficient business person

Code of conduct

  • To promote the character and image of the private nurse practitioner and the society at all times.
  • To up hold all ethical and practical standards of nursing.
  • To ensure adequately training and continual updating in the aspects of nursing being offered to patients.
  • To refer patients to other professional people where appropriate.
  • To ensure at all times that members will practice the profession with conscience and dignity and will not impose any political, religious or philosophical views on patients.

“Nursing Care by Nurses who Care”



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31 December 2016